TiRon Wants You To Ketchup [News]

tironTiRon released his latest tape, Ketchup, as a way to let fans catch up on his material and see what he’s doing in the future. It was released back on the 24th, and features 16 tracks of average hip-hop. There’s nothing on here that will make you fall in love, but it’s a solid release with good featured artists. TiRon is definitely someone to keep an eye on though. You can check out the tracklisting and download link after the jump.

Download: here
01 Still Never Happy
02 Go Ronnie
03 The High
04 My Wingman & Me (Ft. Ayomari)
05 Throwing My Money
06 She [snippet] (Ft. Pacific Division)
07 3 Drink Minimum (Ft. Ayomari)
08 So Called Twenties (Ft. Ayomari)
09 Go (Ft. Miguel)
10 Def 82′ (Ft. Buff1, Ayomari)
11 Yea, You Crazy (Ft. Mibbs)
12 Paper (Ft. Pacific Division)
13 Sydney (Ft. Ayomari)
14 Quitter (Ft. Tunji, Ayomari)
15 Shine On
16 All The Kings (Ft. Blu)


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