Jimmy Eat World @ House of Blues (02/26/09) [Review]


Thursday night was one of the most chaotic nights I have ever had. I was delayed an hour after my friend’s car stalled forty miles from Boston and had to get a ride from another friend. I missed the first red-line MBTA station and walked down Massachusetts Ave. until an orange-line stop appeared. Somewhere in the night I lost my ticket, and had to buy another at the door. Somehow, against all odds, I made it to the House of Blues mere minutes before 9:00PM. I could hear the cheers of the crowd as JEW took the stage, and it was then I knew that this show was going to be amazing.

Given that this show was part of the “Clarity x 10 Tour,” it should come as no surprise that Jimmy Eat World played Clarity front-to-back. Every song sounded just as it would were you listening to the record through headphones. From opener “Table For Glasses” to the ballad “12.23.95” to the epic closer of “Goodbye Sky Harbor” – Jimmy Eat World was spot on. They didn’t talk much during their set, instead playing song after song with as much intensity as possible. One of the more memorable moments came during “Goodbye Sky Harbor” as Jim Adkins used a loop machine to add in all the intricate little parts that intertwine to make the closing of Clarity.

For a lot of Clarity songs, the crowd was awfully quiet. You could hear them on the choruses and some of the more memorable lines of songs but for the most part there were no giant sing-alongs. Those didn’t come until the encore. After a short break, Jimmy Eat World came back on to play seven of their more well-known songs. “What Would I Say To You Now” started things off, followed by “No Sensitivity” – which were welcome surprises. “23,” “Work,” and “Pain” followed, and it was during these songs that the crowd made themselves heard. The band closed with their two biggest singles: “The Middle” and “Sweetness.” If the crowd could be described as rather subdued before these songs, they were anything but as the opening chords of “The Middle” were played. There was singing, dancing, and fist-pumping from every corner of the floor. After a quick picture of the crowd, the band was off, claiming Boston as the best stop on the tour yet.

Both times I’ve seen Jimmy Eat World they have put on stellar performances. They are undoubtedly one of the best bands to see live. If you have the chance to catch any of the remaining dates on this tour, do so. You won’t regret it. I paid $65 for two tickets, missed the opening band (Reuben’s Accomplice) and couldn’t buy the Clarity vinyl re-issue I wanted, but none of that detracted from the amazing night I had thanks to Jimmy Eat World.


One response to “Jimmy Eat World @ House of Blues (02/26/09) [Review]

  1. Agreed. I think part of it was people singing softly to themselves. I know I sang along to every song and could hear the hums and whispers around me. I think the beauty of Clarity is that it is also a very personal album for so many people.

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