Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness [News]

apostle-of-hustle Apostle of Hustle, Andrew Whiteman’s (Broken Social Scene) side project, has finished recording a new album. Titled Eats Darkness, the album is out May 19th via Arts & Crafts Records. Check out the tracklisting after the jump. Whiteman has called the album “a serial poem about some struggles people go through,” which leads us to “Perfect Fit.” – listen to that below. There’s a lot of chirping and echoing to be heard here, pretty typical stuff from Apostle of Hustle.

MP3: Apostle of Hustle – Perfect Fit

01 Snakes
02 Eazy Speaks
03 Soul Unwind
04 Sign
05 Perfect Fit
06 Xerses
07 What Are You Talking About?
08 Whistle In The Fog
09 Eats Darkness
10 Return To Sender
11 How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy
12 Nobody Bought It
13 Blackberry


2 responses to “Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness [News]

  1. is there a leak to this album?

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