Ben Folds Announces A Cappella LP [News]

benfolds Ben Folds traveled around the United States for two months with his wife Fleur and sound engineer Joe Costa recording the best university/college a capella groups covering Ben Folds’ songs. After the jump, you can check out the album artwork and tracklisting. Folds is ecstatic about this release, saying “This is not a novelty .. I consider this my new record…I’m incredibly proud of this.” And although I’d rather hear new songs, this will hold me over for a few months at least.

The entire collection is called Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella and is due out April 28th via Epic.

MP3: The Spartones from The University of North Carolina Greensboro – Not The Same (Ben Folds Cover)

01 Not The Same – The Spartones from Greensboro, NC.
02 Jesusland – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Loreleis
03 Brick – The Ohio University Leading Tones
04 You Don’t Know Me – The University Of Georgia’s With Someone Else’s Money
05 Still Fighting It – Washington University in St. Louis’s Mosaic Whispers
06 Boxing – Ben Folds
07 Selfless, Cold, and Compose – The Sacramento State Jazz Singers
08 Magic – The University of Chicago’s Voices In Your Head
09 Landed – The University of Colorado Buffoons
10 Time – The Princeton Nassoons
11 Effington – Ben Folds
12 Evaporated – The Newtones from Newton, MA
13 Fred Jones Part 2 – The West Chester University of Pennsylvania Gracenotes
14 Army – The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
15 Fair – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s Fifth Element
16 The Luckiest – The Washington University in St. Louis Amateurs


2 responses to “Ben Folds Announces A Cappella LP [News]

  1. Saw one of these groups in Milwaukee on Thursday. They sang ‘Magic,’ so I’m guessing it must have been UChicago. Also they did ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ and ‘Crazy.’

    I am so sick of college a cappella.

  2. Yeah, a cappella is starting to wear itself out on me, but it’s a great idea by Ben Folds to release an album of it – takes barely any work by him and he’ll make some money out of it.

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