Sparks the Rescue Have Their Eyes To The Sun [News]

sparkstherescue Sparks the Rescue‘s re-release of their 2008 album, Eyes To The Sun, is set to be released on May 5th via Fearless Records. The re-release features a few new songs and a different tracklisting. Head after the jump to view the album art and check out the tracklisting.

01 My Heart Radio
02 Pine Tree State
03 Autumn
04 Hello Mexico
05 Skeleton
06 We Love Like Vampires
07 Shipwreck
08 I Swear That She’s The One
09 American Blues
10 The Gravity
11 Chemistry Set
12 Saco Boys Have No Class

Bonus Tracks (Digital Release Only)
13 We May Be Cruel
14 Pangaea
15 Autumn (acoustic)
16 Hello Mexico (alternate)
17 Autumn (video)



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