Music You Should Be Listening To [Recs]

Sunday Rec - 4/5/2009 2009 is a third of the way done; there’s been some good music released so far and April should bolster that amount quite a bit. Below, you’ll find two bands that are going to have amazing years both here in the United States and abroad.

Her Space Holiday (Official Site :: Myspace :: Wiki)
Her Space Holiday 2009 marks the first time in nearly five years that Her Space Holiday has toured the United States. It wasn’t until February that I realized Xoxo, Panda and The New Kid Revival was released in October 2008. Xoxo was a pleasant departure from previous material, with a bigger emphasis on songwriting and a folkier sound.
MP3: Her Space Holiday – Sleepy Tigers

Manchester Orchestra (Official Site :: Myspace :: Wiki)
manchesterorchestra Mean Everything to Nothing, Manchester Orchestra’s sophomore album is certainly more rock oriented than their debut, but there’s nothing wrong with that. As an early “Album of the Year” contender, this record has set the bar high. I didn’t think it was possible, buy Andy Hull’s song writing has matured even more – if Manchester Orchestra doesn’t have a breakout year, I might lose some more respect for the music scene.
MP3: Manchester Orchestra – Shake It Out


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