Iron & Wine Rarities Album Tracklisting/Album Art [News]

Iron & Wine Around The Well, Iron & Wine‘s new rarities album, is due out on May 19th via Sub Pop Records. It’s a double CD compilation; the first CD being unedited, solo home recordings while the second CD is a collection of studio recordings. After the jump you can check out the tracklisting and album art.

01 Dearest Forsaken
02 Morning
03 Loud as Hope
04 Peng! 33
05 Sacred Vision
06 Friends They Are Jewels
07 Hickory
08 Waitin’ for a Superman
09 Swans and the Swimming
10 Call Your Boys
11 Such Great Heights
12 Communion Cups and Someone’s Coat
13 Belated Promise Ring
14 God Made the Automobile
15 Homeward These Shoes
16 Love Vigilantes
17 Sinning Hands
18 No Moon
19 Serpent Charmer
20 Carried Home
21 Kingdom of the Animals
22 Arms of a Thief
23 The Trapeze Swinger

Around The Well


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