CarCrashLander – Daily Spotlight [Recs]


Cory Gary, once a member of the much underrated Desert City Soundtrack, has been steadily recording music under the moniker CarCrashLander for about two years now. Gary and company released their self-titled debut album on Parks And Records in 2008, before moving to Jealous Butcher Records to release their sophomore album, Mountains On Our Backs, on April 21st, 2009. “Throughout the album, strings bend, notes clash, sounds distort, waver, feed back” says the press release. Mountains is not an album you take on a Sunday drive – it’s the album playing through your speakers on a rainy weekday when you’re in the mood to do nothing more than sit back and relax. Gary’s soft, almost spoken lyrics, make it hard to escape from the melancholy the album presents, but the louder/heavier tracks make the album worth listening to.

MP3: CarCrashLander – Capillary Webs

MP3: CarCrashLander – Bone Noose

The guys and girls of CarCrashLander have already finished recording their third full-length, but there’s no word yet on a release date or label. Expect to hear that news in the near future (I hope).

Jealous Butcher Records

Cory Gary – Vocals / Keyboards / Trumpet
Brian Wright – Drums
Cliff Hayes – Bass
Alexis Gideon – Guitar
Jessica Wright – Flute
Shelley Short – Backing Vocals
Anna Leach – Backing Vocals


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