The Dangerous Summer – Daily Spotlight [Recs]

The Dangerous Summer

Maryland’s The Dangerous Summer, whose album Reach For The Sun was released on May 5th via Hopeless Records, may just be the only band you need to hear this summer. For a while now I’ve considered Valencia the best pop-punk band making music, but The Dangerous Summer is definitely challenging that notion. AJ Perdomo’s lyrics are as personal and heartfelt as any songwriter in the industry, yet crafting an excellent album lies on the shoulders of ever member in the band. Every portion of Reach For The Sun – the drums, guitars, vocals, etc. – meshes together so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine how well this sound will transfer over to their live performance (I’m sure it’ll be great). This is an album for any time of day or night; for driving around with the windows down singing as loud as you can; for hanging out in the yard with a few good friends. Don’t skip over this band just because they may not play your favorite style of music – Reach For The Sun is the best album released so far this year, and The Dangerous Summer have a bright future ahead of them.

MP3: The Dangerous Summer – Never Feel Alone

Hopeless Records

AJ Perdomo – Vocals, Bass
Cody Payne – Guitar
Bryan Czap – Guitar
Tyler Minsberg – Drums

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