Nightmare Of You – Daily Spotlight [Recs]

Nightmare Of You

Nightmare Of You’s new album, Infomaniac, is set to be released on August 4th via The Bevonshire Label; it’s been nearly four years since the band last released a full-length, but it doesn’t seem as though their sound has changed very much. Sure, they’ve matured and maybe slowed things down a bit, but don’t expect any drastic changes when this album first plays from your speakers. From the sound of “I Think I’m Getting Older,” the song that Spin premiered earlier this month, Brandon Reilly’s self-awareness hasn’t gone anywhere – expect more songs about lonely nights, sex, and well, himself. This is in no way a bad thing, as Reilly’s humorous, often sexual, lyrics are a highlight of the band’s sound. After the jump, you can listen to four demo versions of new songs that the band uploaded to their myspace throughout 2008. Hopefully we’ll hear mastered versions of these songs in the near future.

Nightmare Of You – Someday, But Not Today

Nightmare Of You – Tell Me When It’s Over

Nightmare Of You – Hey, Sweetheart

Nightmare Of You – Long Island


Brandon Reilly – Vocals/Guitar
Joseph McCaffrey – Guitar
Michael Fleischmann – Drums
Brandon Meyer – Bass

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