Fanfarlo – Daily Spotlight [Recs]


London-based indie pop group Fanfarlo are already being compared to the likes of The Arcade Fire and Beirut, and I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be. The similarities can be found without real close listening, as Simon Balthazer’s Zack Condon-esque vocals float through your speakers. Don’t let these similarities turn you away; don’t write this band off as some cheap, second-rate impersonator. Within the first five or six songs of the band’s debut album, Reservoir, you’ll find yourself falling in love, and you may not be able to turn the music off. That’s fine, really – it’s what the repeat function was made for. It’s hard to pick out any single track from the album, so I’ll let the band do it for you. After the jump, you can listen to the single “Harold T. Wilkins.”

MP3: Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait For A Very Long Time


Simon Balthazer – vocals, guitar
Leon Bckenham – trumpet
Cathy lucas – violin, vocals
Justin Finch – bass
Amos Memon – drums

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